Biographical Information

Alan has been a professional voice talent for a decade and a half, but it wasn’t until recently that he got his big break with national pizza powerhouse Little Caesars. It was a match made in pizza heaven as Alan loved their HOT-N-READY pizzas and they in turn loved his inimitable timbre and professional demeanor. Before "finding his voice" in vocal acting and commercial narration, Alan worked as an audio engineer and producer. He even designed and built several recording studios. Talk about knowing the industry inside and out!

Alan has lived most of his life in his home state of Connecticut. He currently resides in Norwalk with his wife of 45 years and their cat, David Suarez. They have two grown children and are also proud grandparents.

When he's not in the recording booth, Alan enjoys cooking and building model railroads with his grandchildren. He’s also a lover of all things cheesy, most notably the Deep! Deep! Dish and prop comedy.